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Kids Snack Tray

As a parent or caregiver, the health of your child is in your hands. And when your kiddos are asking for snacks multiple times a

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Pregnant woman holding belly

Prenatal Nutrition

Prenatal Nutrition Eating an overall nutritious, balanced, and adequate diet is one of the most important ways to take care of you and your growing

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eggs and avocado on top of toast

Nutrition Myths

Nutrition Myths Nutrition can be confusing. There is so much information out there, and much of it is flawed, misinterpreted, or flat-out false. Why do

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Water being poured into a glass

Hydration Libation

Hydration Libation Micro-Blog Lifestyle Post When the body needs water our brains send the signal of thirst – an essential survival mechanism that maintains fluid

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two bowls of food with avocados and limes

Low-carb eating

  You probably have heard people you know talk about Low-carb eating and you may be curious on whether or not it’s a good idea

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doctor looking at brain scans

Feeding your brain

Learning how to properly feed your brain will be important but its only 1 out of 5 key strategies to help with brain health.  

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person making a sandwich with apples, spinach and milk on the table

Weight gain during menopause

Menopause is when your MENstrual cycle PAUSEs—for good. It’s not a disease to be treated, but rather a normal stage of life. Menopause “officially” starts

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person sitting in bed clutching their stomach in pain

Leaky Gut

      What does leaky gut mean?   Harvard Health calls it a “medical mystery” and “mysterious ailment.” It’s been linked to everything from

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yellow stethoscope with a heart


Inflammation in the body, types, causes, and treatment Inflammation, a natural process, is a part of a defense mechanism that heals your body and fights

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two plates with vegetables, limes and spices

Nutrition as we age

Nutrition as we age Eating to fuel our bodies is especially important as we age as it can affect how we feel but also help

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close up of several vegetables

Immune Boosting Foods

Building Your Immunity During COVID-19 If you are wondering how to eat during the pandemic in order to build your immune system, then I have

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fruits, water and juice in front of towels and a measuring tape

Digestion and Your Body

Take a moment to think about your absolute favorite food. Did your mouth fill with saliva? Guess what! You just activated the amazing digestive system

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person drinking a fruit smoothie

Fitness and Diet in Sports

If you’re an athlete, diet and fitness regimen, and how you care for yourself are explicitly important. It may be something you tell yourself but

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