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With all the chaos that daily life can bring, it can be difficult to remember that we need to take care of our physical well-beings in order to succeed. So many people forget how important certain foods and ingredients are. Did you know that eating an orange or apple will provide more sustainable energy than a cup of coffee? Did you know that studies have tied to a large consumption of fast food to depression? And more obviously, exercising produces endorphins which lead to happiness? We are our bodies, and we actually are what we eat. This blog is here to help streamline the clutter into a manageable plan to keep your body healthy.

It begins with your groceries. Ordering food or going to restaurants can feel easier, but one is never able to truly tell what is going into their foods (Additionally – grocery shopping saves you so much money!). The first thing you should do is create a list. This can be a list you refer to every week or you can change it up if you find cool recipes that you’d like to try.

When creating your list, keep in mind your necessary food groups and what kind of diet would work for you: Carbs, Proteins, Veggies, Fruits, Dairy and Fats/Sweets (think of amounts going from largest to smallest in that order). Think of actual meals you’d like to prepare and eat to avoid snacking. Allow yourself to have treats occasionally – frozen dark chocolate can be delicious! If you need a little extra help, there are a ton of food plans online and one is bound to work for you! Your diet should be specific to your needs. For example, if you are looking to burn fat you should incorporate more protein and veggies.

There are a lot of different beliefs in how to approach your meals but in short, eat when you are hungry but don’t overeat. If you want to eat 6-smaller meals, that is OK. If you’d prefer 3 regular meals and a snack – that is OK too! Keep your schedule in mind and plan ahead. Portion control is very important. Some of us have a hard time recognizing when we are full which is a learned skill.

Once you understand what you need in terms of food, begin to think about your fitness. Generally speaking, 30-45 minutes in the gym 3-5 days a week will do anyone good. It’s important to get a safe and productive workout. That means that you don’t overwork, but you work hard and properly. Once you figure out how to integrate that into your schedule, you can begin to target areas and alternate your workouts. Maybe you run as a warm up every day and work on arms and the next day legs. This of course depends on your individual bodies.

Within 3 days of eating clean and working out, you will find your mood elevating and your fatigue disappearing. It’s proven that living a healthy lifestyle scientifically produces more serotonin and sustainable energy. This means you will get a good night’s sleep after a happy energetic day consistently. Working out produces endorphins which give you even more energy and the ability to take on your world! And don’t forget to DRINK WATER.